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For no readily apparent reason, I started drawing like fury during my first term or two at Manchester Polytechnic, and then pretty much stopped. I suppose I'm putting this page up as a sort of guilt-trip on myself to resume the hobby, although I doubt it's going to work.

I'll see about scanning anything I manage to draw on company meeting minutes. I managed to gather a couple of A4 sheets from about ten meetings' worth, which I suppose isn't bad, although actually setting-to and trying would work wonders.

I've uploaded some stuff here, but the dates on the files aren't necessarily accurate. The ones dated 20:30 Sun Jan 14 2001 are actually over a year old.

Wacom Graphire 3

Whee! I bought a graphics tablet! Put together with The GIMP, it's a mighty tool... and one I can be just as incompetent with as a pencil, only with much better technology. :)

Here's my first effort. Don't ask me what it is, please - I have no idea.

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