Be aware, please, that I've only tested this on Netscape 4.51. I know Internet Explorer has had problems with earlier versions when I tested them at work, but I'm doing this from home and Microsoft haven't made IE available for my Operating System of choice, so supporting their browser is fairly low on my priorities.

Also, I've noticed that Netscape sometimes crashes while trying to bring up the ecit box for the final two functions. I think this is a Netscape bug, to do with regexp handling.

Forthward isn't ready for anything much, yet, but it's up here so I can show various people what its interface looks like. Even the `documentation' below sucks. :)

This is the main controlling page. The TEXTAREA here is the only full copy of the code and you can edit it directly if you like (indeed, you have to paste entire programs into it to get them into the system, for now), but the intention is that you should edit and run each function by bringing it up in its own edit/trace page by clicking on the Word List link. Edit windows cannot commit changes properly if word names have been manually changed in the TEXTAREA, or if the end of word token `;' isn't there. You will either lose your edits, or parts of the main program if something like that goes wrong, although if you don't fiddle you should be fine, because it's the same regexp used to snaffle data for the edit windows as is used to replace the text on commit.

Stack can be forced with `*CLEARSTACK values...'. Trace can be forced (even outside an editbox) with `*TRACEON' and `*TRACEOFF'. Edit will strip all lines containing tokens beginning with `*' (apart from * on its own, of course). Comments ( look like this )


will update the word-list (Click this for autopopup)
are handled through their own window. (Click this for autopopup)
Maximum number of `steps' before an abort offer is made.
Enable word-by-word trace
Some errors end up in the Javascript console, although I should trap them all.

Tested on Netscape 4.51/GNU/Linux.
(c) 1999 Tim Baverstock