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My World Tour

I took a fortnight-long holiday at the end of March 99, and took these photos. This is just a sparse commentary, until I can make it fuller.


Around Toronto

People and Pets

Toronto Zoo

We (Tom, Maxi, and I) went to Toronto Zoo on my last full day. Maxi liked the snowleopards most. I'm wild about otters.


I wasted lots of film on Toronto Zoo's otters. The male was great fun - very active, but the female appeared to be suffering from repetitive behaviour (swimming around and around the top pool). Until a few years ago, the male had apparently been brought out to meet the public, and he was still clearly of the opinion that the humans on the other side of the glass were interesting; sadly, when they introduced the female, the male started taking arbitrary dislike to some people on introduction, so the zoo had to stop that.

Not otters

San Diego

I attended ConFurence.. um, 9 or 10 in San Diego. Happily, the hotel had a legal restriction which meant that all the R-rated stuff wasn't on general display, which meant that I had a much nicer time than I would otherwise have had.


Strange things

Wasting film




I phoned my uncle and aunt (Richard and Dee Sheppard) just before leaving the UK, and found out that my father's parents' daughter's husband's parents' daughter and her husband had moved from Felsted in Essex to Oz, and that they ran a kangaroo sanctuary near Perth. Needless to say, I had to go and see them. They were very friendly and hospitable, with a particularly toothsome line in scones. Mmmmm. Their roos were very friendly and gentle, and they had lovely soft fur.


Lots of roo pictures! All but the last of these are of a couple of small roos in the first enclosure we went into. One had a gammy foot, and couldn't be released. The other was his buddy, and they liked each other so much that both stayed.


Durban (South Africa)

I think I must have been pretty well travelled-out when I arrived in Durban, because I was twitchy all the time, and itching to leave. It could have been something to do with not having had much time on my own for so long. Karalien says I don't need to apologise, which is very gracious of her.



Most of this was taken on the way to a casino in the province just above Kwazulu-natal, or at the casino. The casino itself was fun - the meals we had were great, and the kids' area was fun too with its splat-the-crocodile game. I wasn't so impressed with the slot-machines, although Karalien managed to break even.


SeaWorld Durban was lots of fun, as was wandering along the seafront a day or two earlier. I just wish I'd not eaten the meal at `The World's Worst Restaurant' - not because it wasn't excellent, but because the food at the market was just so much more interesting.

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