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20 October

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Flight from Heathrow to Port of Spain via Antigua ran late due to headwind.

Transferred to Port of Spain to Georgetown in a propeller plane. Commiserated with the stewardess about the 'youth of today', and mentioned the Ancient Greek quote complaining about the lack of respect youths give their elders, and how it wasn't like that in the speaker's day. Gave her my email address.

Arrived at Georgetown airport, met by Wilderness Explorer's driver. Spot-check on the way to Georgetown where he was told he had a defective stop-light. Police had LED-batons they were swinging around to guide traffic. Police cars and motorcycles only seem to have red flashing lights here. Cyclists typically have no lights or reflectors, but at least they cycle on the right side of the road.

The river alongside the road to the airport is the Demerara (Dem-uh-rah-rah) river, of sugar ilk. Since Guyana's not as important as the French region of Champagne, it's not appelation controlee.

Arrived at Cara Lodge, but I was confused about what I'm paying for and what Wildreness Explorers have already paid for. And I was tired - an extra five hours on the day, due to timezones. I had a curry for dinner, with a (Whiri) pepper - a tiny berry as garnish. It was very hot, but I'd guessed as much and tested that by cutting it carefully and wiping my knife on some meat... which was then also very hot. Sliced the pepper thinly and ate it with the meat. Borrowed some scissors from reception to trim the insoles for my boots, so the orthotics I wanted to fit wouldn't stick to my socks.

Felt guilty about leaving the air conditioning on all night, so only had it on low - the atmosphere was very humid and hot, worse than Florida. Worse still, I didn't know the time difference and couldn't find it out from the TV. (Should have asked front desk, but didn't think to.) Slept from 3am GMT.

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