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25 October

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Up late - was supposed to be 5.30, but [belly still gurgly, particularly at 4am].

Went to see the anteater - up around 6 for coffee with the medical team, then into the jeeps for <10 minutes to the savannah, where the ranchers have selected an anteater to herd towards the group. Kinda fun to see it gallop, with its long fur wafting in the air. Took photos, back for breakfast, then sat around waiting for the medical crew's jeep for most of the morning, then lunch, then we looked at the embroidery of the Massala Women's Group, which Melanie was selling for them - part of the Karanambu Trust's work, I think.

In the afternoon, Edward was fixing my hut's light, when Melanie walked past with Sappho in tow. She stops to discuss things with Edward, so Sappho decides to clamber through the window, sniff at the books, and starts to climb onto the bed, but decides to go underneath it instead. Edwards and Melanie are telling her 'no', and that she should come out of the room entirely. Eventually, she climbs back out of the window.

I accompany Mel down to the river again, to play with Sappho (whose brother Sergei was killed by a caiman that Rewa hadn't quite tired out enough) but mostly I watched Mel play. I unzipped my trouser shorts' bottom cuffs and waded in, stroking Sappho when she passed, but found that the local fish have teeth!

Met by Dianne and Ask at the base of the steps to go otter spotting. No otters, but capybara and the 'snake bird' - an 'anhinga' ?heron that swims under the water with only its head and neck showing! Very funny. We went to look for Milkymouth's group, then to a lake. We saw a capybara briefly, with its baby - they had a very soft alarm call.

[Missed out the evening here; sorry]

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