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27 October

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27 Oct Wed (last full day)

Up at 5.20 for 5.45 coffee, 6 am start. Out to Accari Pond. Sappho safely playing on the steps; we fed her 1 fish from the boat. Nothing much en route to, or at Accari Pond, though Kenneth saw three otters. I had a brief glimpse of one, but we all heard them crashing around in the bushes. Back to breakfast (beans and sausages) with wild Karanambu honey, via Sappho happily playing with the bottle-on-a-rope toy made during coffee from a length of nylon rope some string, and a water bottle. Very good otter toy, it seems.

At breakfast, it seems Sushi, the Georgetown otter is ill, and they want Dianne to help out.

Siesta, then lunch - pizza, then siesta again. Down to watch Debbie and Jan swim with Mel, Ed, and Sappho. Sappho climbed onto Jan's chest to eat a fish. Nice for a vegetarian!

Sappho became bitey, and caiman came close, but Rohan chased it off with stones.

Another nap, then off to a new pond where lots of birds nest. En route, we saw a caiman fully out of the water - huge - but I failed to take a picture. Very impressive though, a good 6'-8' long.

At the pond... was okay. Should have been impressive, but I was looking forwards to getting home (stressed about Sappho possibly being eaten each night). ~1.5km walk to and back; there was a hide, but there was also a large wasp's nest in it. The pond was okay; saw some egrets rowing about who gets a particular branch for their nest. Back for dinner.

Dinner was beef medallions+blackeye bean rice, and jelly&sponge&cream. Yummy. Discussed cartoon violence, Guyanan government corruption, dictators, and then bed. Put shirt and trousers in the wash bin. I might wear the blue shirt before I fly out. Up at 6 for 6.15 anteater.

Things to do:

  1. 1. Send box of Sci-fi to Karanambu.
  2. 2. Jar opener, alarm clock for Dianne.
  3. 3. Pictures of Kenneth and others, and CD ROM, to Kbu.
  4. 4. Mosquito clicky-thing for Mel.

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