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29 October

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29 Oct Fri.

Today, I woke up to find I'd slept on my arm. This the first time I've ever woken up with a completely paralysed arm, and it was very strange. I'd not appreciated that arms are jolly heavy when they're floppy. Thankfully, I survived the ensueing parasthesia (pins and needles).

For breakfast, I had 'Pepperpot' - supposedly meat in a very peppery, sweet, and dark gravy - but mine was mostly gristle, skin, and fat. Not very edible, but there was bread to dip. I probably should have sent it back.

More weird TV - 'The Guyana Cook-up Show' with Allan Fenty. He had various phone-in quizzes, like 'Guess how much money you'll win if you guess how much money you'll win', 'Guess the small thing you wear', and 'Name the three rivers in this region, based on the names of some local celebrities'. My favourite was 'Guess how much money', although 'Guess the small thing you wear' was a very close second.

US TV was showing some sex scandal involving someone I'd never heard of (Bill O'Reilly) based on some tape-recordings which the prosecution refused to disclose. Apparently it's only a case if the phone calls are unwanted and sexual. The prosecution had provided transcripts, defence said the transcripts were out of context. Woohoo. Just the sort of real news everyone needs to lose sleep over.

There were adverts for: 'The Day After Tomorrow', 'Mulan', 'Shark Tail', and 'National Treasure' on DVD or at the cinema, all of which I've made a note of, so I presumably want to buy them. [Annoyingly, I saw 'Mulan' in the video shop yesterday, and failed to buy it. Oh well, maybe it'll be there when the shops are open again, after Christmas, as I write this.]

Sitting and waiting for the desk to phone for when Wilderness Explorers are going to take me to the airport. Need to be there at 11.

* I need to make a bag - canvas drawstring or something - to put my rucksack in, so the straps don't get caught.

I was driven half way to the airport by a Wilderness Explorer taxi, this driver I found easier to talk with than the guy who'd been driving me around before. We stopped at a bridge and I transferred to the normal van, chatting with a Swiss/German lady en route.

Checked in, found that the departure and security tax *can* be paid in UK/US, so the money I changed at the hotel was for nothing. Also, it was GUY$4000/$22/14, not GUY$4500 per the hotel's literature.

Minor hold-up at immigration - they simply 'weren't ready', but I eventually got through into the departure lounge. I sat around, reading more of the commentary, then went to the cafe thing. There was no menu or price-list, so I had to ask about everything, which seemed to annoy the lady there. I eventually bought some chicken with blackeye bean rice that she microwaved for me, and a bottle of water. It was OK.

The flight back to Port of Spain was on a larger plane - a small jet. Uneventful, and no chatty air hostess. Port of Spain was fairly dull, but I found a bookshop. I bought a couple of books, including an interlinear English/Arabic Quran, whose introduction I started reading. Boringly written, but interesting content.

Flight back to the UK was okay too, although I didn't sleep at all well. I sat next to a nice enough chap; I forget what we spoke about, but he worked in Guyana as an engineer, and was often called on to perform round-the-clock crisis repairs. He wasn't stopping in Heathrow, but flying on to India! Seems there's no direct flight now. Poor guy.

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