SayHelp screen 1: Basic information
To say something:                        "something.      [or 'say something.']
To say something in two bits:            "something,,in two bits.
To set your 'says' verb (seen/others):   sayset def barks,
To set your 'say'  verb (seen by you):   sayset +def bark,
To set your normal quoting pattern:      sayset quotes def <<%m>> [or "%m" etc]
To say something with an ad-hoc verb:    "Hullo there,,squeaks,,How are you?
                                      or "Yeeargh!!,,noisily %n shouts,,
To enable [disable] ad-hoc verbs:        sayset adhoc   [sayset !adhoc]
To make spilt says look unsplit:         sayset normal  [sayset !normal]
To see if someone is awake and present:  "?player   [or "?player,,?player  etc]
To speak iff someone is awake:           "?player,,what to say [to player]
To enable [disable] player-query:        sayset query   [sayset !query]
To [un]set Out-Of-Character mode:        sayset ooc     [sayset !ooc]
To show all your say settings:           sayset
More help: sayhelp 2    LONG tutorial: sayhelp 99    Porting say: sayhelp 12