SayHelp screen 5: Room and environmental settings.
If <ch> is 'here', then you change the current room's defaults [if you own it].
A environmental verb setting is only used in preference to a player's default
verb, but all environmental filters are applied to the player's speech after
personal filters.
 Example: sayset here bubbles,       [ Example: underwater ]
          sayset +here bubble,
          sayfilter here fadd replace
          sayfilter here add able abubble
          "It's indescribable!
          Freda bubbles, "It's indescribabubble!"
          You bubble, "It's indescribabubble!"
The Halt filter stops say climbing the environment for more filters.
Typical use is 'sayfilteryset here fadd Halt' after a room's filters.
_listening and .broadcast are given an unsplit version of speech.
 You may inhibit say .broadcasting in the current room with 'sayset !broadcast'.
 To add a local notification system. (Like couches), sayset notify dbref in
 a room or its environment. The dbref is to a program-object, with a
 template of ( "split-say" "unsplit-say" -- ), which should notify to the
 occupants of the room (including puppets and the room itself), depending
 upon the setting of each player's _say/normal? property. Normal is the
 unsplit version. If both are the same, you can do a notify_except for
sayhelp 5:rooms/envs  6:puppets  7,8,9:filter-writing  10:$verb  11:boringadmin