SayHelp screen 9: Writing your own filter.   [Part three, help for filters]
Help should be in a similar format to sayhelp screen 4, and arranged on the
filter in the properties   _help/1#/1 2 3 ... lines for screen 1
                           _help/2#/1 2 3 ... lines for screen 2  etc
A screen should be shorter than 22 lines, and the header should mention the
 program's registered name. sayhelp #nnnn shows help on any object #nnnn.
I would prefer filters to do one thing, not many distinct things dependant
on a property. This makes registration and use easier. Note that filters aren't
restricted simply to altering speech, they can open/close doors on finding a
keyword (for a 'here' filter) for instance, or even be tied to a morph program!
page #mail the exit owner or hassle a wizard to ask about registering filters.
sayhelp 5:rooms/envs  6:puppets  7,8,9:filter-writing  10:$verb  11:boringadmin