SayHelp screen 10: The $verb interface.      [Feeeep!!]
Another tie-in, allowing program control of verbs.
Under 'sayset <ch> $<prog-number/name>',  whenever that 'verb' is found
 by say, the program is called and 'sayset +<ch> whatever' is ignored.
  call  ( message ch db "_say/ch" -- message ch "barks," "bark," )
 If the second verb is empty, the first is copied.
 Properties should be on db, and look like _say/ch/osay/whatever.
 You may trap 'message' for commands iff it starts with ',,', but check that
  the owner of db is the current player.
 If you set message blank (because it was a command), the player wo'n't speak.
 The only use I can think for this is random verbs, and I've written that
 [badly] already, $RandomVerbs. If you have other ideas or a nicer
 implementation, please do tell.
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