SayHelp screen 11: Administration an' yakyakyak.
sayreg:    Allows people other than me (author) to register/deregister filrers.
  sayreg add <sayname> $<name-from-@register> <Description of filter>
  sayreg add <sayname> #<dbref> <Description of filter>
                               These register the program with say.
  sayreg take <say-name>       Deregisters the filter from Say.
      or del  <say-name>
sayreg allow <playername>      Allows a player of M1/2 to register own filters
sayreg ban   <playername>      Deregisters player.
sayreg list                    Lists registered players.
 These are a pretty version of: _say/db/1234 : DisplayName     [Note capitals]
 [On the sayfront program]      _say/desc/1234 : Short description text
                                _say/filter/displayname : 1234   [no capitals]
sayset say says, : set global default. The default default is 'says,'
sayset +say say, : set global default. The default default is 'say,'
 [On say trigger]   _say/say/osay:says,   _say/say/say:say,
sayset quotes say xyz : Outlaw characters xyz from any quote templates.
 [On say program]  _say/badquotes:xyz
 sayset/filter snoop <player/obj> whatever    Treat player/Obj as a puppet.
 Installation is now in sayhelp 12