EPOC32 SDK on Linux/Unix quick HOWTO

The EPOC32 sdk from Symbian is built to run on a WIN32 (Win95/Win98/WinNT) system. It consists of 2 toolchains:
I managed to get part of the second toolchain working on Linux, with following drawbacks: The good news is that you can compile faster than under Win95 :-).

I'm not sure that I got everything right, but it seems to work for a lot of the examples in the SDK and for a quite big project with a lot of EIKON stuff and the GNU XML library. Mail me, if you can correct or enhance this description.
If you are still interested, then read on: Now we should be ready to go. The only problem is that we do not have any Makefiles yet, and the compile process is quite complicated. Unpack this file in /usr/local/epoc32, and you get some makefiles for some of the Epoc32ex examples.
Note: I put some of the needed gcc flags into the specs file itself, so please replace /usr/local/epoc32/lib/gcc-lib/arm-pe/cygnus-2.7.2-960323/specs with this file. I compared all the examples with their win95 built counterparts (pediff -e32), and they were identical up to the timestamp.
I've run the Graphics example, and it worked (you get a SIS file, which you have to install). NOTE: It has a submenu, which freezes up my 5mxPro.

I had to modify the eikecho example (by throwing out E32Dll from echoeng.cpp), as my make chain can't yet link against a self made dll.

If you want to generate the AIF file too, then get the source for genaif. I had to write this program, as aiftool uses the Epoc emulator, which was too much for wine, as the emulator is not even running under Windows on my notebook :-).
Here you find the description of the AIF and MBM fileformats, as far as I could understand it.

If you want to build help files, just take your trusty S5, fire up data, write the help file :-), and name it .hlp (after you finished writing). I still have to figure out how to start help from the program.

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