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I have an interest in Anglo-Saxon, which so far I've been pursuing by buying as many books on Anglo-Saxon as I can find. I've even read most of them, although not much has actually lodged in my brain. I plan to buy a copy of Keele University's Anglo-Saxon course, priced 70 last time I asked them, which includes cassette tapes. Tapes are good for me, because I can remember arbitrary sounds more easily than arbitrary text. This is also why I bought a dual CD of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon too, although it's spoken too swiftly for me to follow easily, even with the text in front of me.

For websites, I've found a good site called `Hwaet!', and the outstandingly silly Circolwyrde Wordhord.

This is the list of my Anglo-Saxon library. The best book is probably the first listed. Both of the Introduction/Invitation books include a fair amount of historical detail as well, which makes them more generally interesting.

And a few new ones...

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