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Something which I actually get off my backside and do roughly five times a fortnight is singing. I've managed to convince a number of people who should know better that I'm reasonably good, so I get to sing as part of my the choir at Holy Trinity, Cambridge's (Trinity Music), and I also go and disrupt the weekly meetings of the Portfolio Singers. I can't currently read music at all well, beyond noticing that the note goes up or down, much or little, and trying to infer from that. I seem to be hitting the right note more, although without someone else's voice to hide behind, I'm too nervous to come out and sing it loudly.

My own musical interests seem to involve popular vocal/folk music prior to the 1900s, particularly West Gallery Music, hence things like `Maddie Prior with the Carnival Band' and their `Sing Lustily And With Good Courage' CD, available from SayDisc (saydisc@aol.com); and much Steelye Span.

I also rather enjoy U2, Jethro Tull, They Might Be Giants, Wings, and an instrumental artist called Phil Thornton, but of Phil's, I seem already to have bought the three CDs I like: Beyond Heaven's River, Flying, and one other.

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