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Craft Table

I sew. I needed a table, because the one I had was only 22" wide, and the cloth I tend to buy comes in 60" widths (one typically folds the cloth in half, to cut two mirror-image pieces at the same time). I looked around on the net for instructions for making a craft table, but couldn't find any, so I made one for myself. It's decidedly over-engineered, but I'd rather have a heavy table than one that collapses.

Let the wood shop cut the lengths for you, because they'll get it square. Jewson didn't charge me extra for cutting.

Medium Density Fibreboard: 3'x7'x18mm (arrived 4x8; I cut this down).

Pine 2"x4": lengths: 6'x2 (backbones), 4'x4 (legs)

Pine 2"x2": lengths: 2'x5 (struts)

The metal fixings, I bought from Mackays.

L-corner reinforcers: 20 (I used 4" ones with 3 holes on each arm)

Screws 1"x8 gauge: 120 + 8

Metal (steel) strips 1/2"x1/8"x1': 4 (Drill holes in either end for 1"x8 screws)

2" nails: 6 or so
Points to note:

Of course, had I known that B&Q sold trestle clips, I would have used those instead, although I would still have needed to reinforce the MDF, so perhaps it's just as well I didn't know about them. :)

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